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“Ikirenga mu Bahanzi”is the concert which is said to give awards to the Rwandan legendary artists every year, Cécile Kayirebwa is going to be the beginning in this first edition which will take a place on 8th March 2020, at Camp Kigali.

By developing, protecting and expanding Rwandan culture, the ones who organized this concert are willing to use artists to develop it.

As it’s been said in this Sunday morning of 9th February 2020, in a press conference, these annual concerts are prepared by Bwiza Media Ltd in partnership with Umushanana n’Abacukumbuzi b’Amateka n’Umuco and Agence Karibu from Belgium.

Bwiza Media Ltd boss, Kayiranga Merchiore said that this concert has the aim of awarding publicly the artists who are legendaries in Rwandan music.

Kayiranga didn’t precise the price of the award that will be given to this female legend, what matters is appreciating her. And told whoever has an appreciation gift to come along with it as he/she will be given a chance to hand it to her.

“If you love Kayirebwa and you feel like you want to appreciate her on your behalf, you will be given a time and give her a cow or something else.” Said Kayiranga

“The first thing to the artist is not money, what matters a lot is showing her that she/he did something important to the Rwandan population.” He added

Kayiranga explained that every year has its artist to be awarded. “This year is kayirebwa, next years to come will be others so that these legendaries will be appreciated while they are alive instead of doing that only when they are dead.”

This concert will link up different artists who are; Cécile Kayirebwa, Clarisse Karasira, Mariya Yohana, Muyango, Jules Sentore, Mani Martin and Itorero Ibihame.

Cécile Kayirebwa is going to be awarded in the first edition of Ikirenga mu bahanzi

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