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Kigali: cow is useful after it is eaten, ‘Cow in the car’ open calls explains more

Author UZABAKIRIHO Jean Gabriel Views

As the government emphasizes Made in Rwanda Policy, people with beyond thoughts never hesitate to come up with their innovations. The National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) also never stops giving support to any business idea that is innovative by its open calls program.

It is in the event that happened Today on The 10th December 2019, in the City of Kigali where by NIRDA has shown the innovative project which is called ‘Cow in the car’ open calls. Cow in the car open calls is the project that as a result to help people who produce the products from value chain of cows especially ‘leather’.

Dr Franie Leautier is the Special Advisor and Excutive Director of asset management in Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank where Rwanda is also the member, explained more about the idea of the project. “as the cow is seen as the source of pride, wealth and the source of growth and development, but also as something that you give as a gift or special recognition for achievement. The use of innovation and dependence of young people for the jobs in market that can absorb talented young people, this became initiative to do to see how the cow that is so valuable in the culture can be used to help Rwanda industrialize in modern way.” Franie said

“One of the idea is to think how the leather value chain can be improved and strengthened so that it can generate high quality leather products including using them in cars, also the insulin that come from the pancreas of the cow is useful for diabetics.” She added

Not only will this project reflect the value of the cow after it dies, this also is the big participation to the government policy of Made in Rwanda. The Minister for Trade and Industry Soraya Hakuziyaremye appreciated the ones who brought up the idea of the project.

“We need to make our own products rather than depending on imports that’s why we give hands to those who helps Made and Rwanda Policy to reach its goals. This ‘Cow in the car open calls’ has also contributed, our theories can’t be reached when we don’t have people to take passion and put in practices those theories” Hakuziyaremye said

We need to ascend the value chain of leather, as it was shown in the study, most of the time it is sold from abroad and it is not easy to be used by those who produce the value chain of leather, all we need is to get skills on how we can use high technology and be able to produce our own products on value chain of leather. This project is going to facilitate them and make them able to produce their products from leather which are on high quality.

NIRDA’s Director General, Kampeta Sayinzoga is encouraging investors and private sectors to invest in this project and use this opportunity to develop the value chain of cow in industrial production and to participate in mind set change of people who only takes a cow as a meat and milk giver only.

“By using science and technology, the value chain of a cow is so useful where there is the use of technology, horns, leather and the organs it can be used pharmaceutical products. All we needed was giving challenge to those who produce the value chain of cow of thinking beyond and come up with big respond on what other can be useful to the cow. Now we request private sectors to participate in mindset change and make investment here.” Kampeta said

University of Rwanda is expected to give big hand in this project whereby it will give skills to those who are dealing with the value chain of cow and other knowledge on animals and link them those innovators in private sectors.

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