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International Alert has given grants to the farmers to solve the problems they meet during farming

Author UZABAKIRIHO Jean Gabriel Views

Today 26th November, 2019 in City of Kigali, The International Alert in partnership with Imbaraga Farmers’ Organization sponsored by European Union, gave some grants to the Cooperatives and Civil Societies Organizations dealing with agriculture. Farmers revealed their gratitude

During Farmers’ Voice Project, farmers have revealed some issues that they meet, in District Farmers’ Network that have been carried out in seven districts where the projects are implemented.

Not only did Claudine Kayitesi, guest from Ministry of Agriculture has explained some pillars of the Farmers’ Voice Project for them, she also asked them to participate in whatever policies that have to be taken. She has asked them to be responsible and owners of their activities.

“Increasing high level of production is the war that we have to fight together, searching for the markets so that the farmer will get the capital and profits, and increase the level of quality and working hand in hand with the states by telling the problems are some of the pillars that guide Farmers’ Voice Project.”

“Many are in the government priorities where these networks that have been made link farmers, cooperatives and Civil Societies Organizations, those are what helps us in the budgets of the country, now what we ask you is to participate in all those activities and work hand in hand to solve our main problems.” She added

These grants that are given to the farmers are expected to help farmers in different researches regarding to what they miss in their daily farming activities, the country Ambassador of European Union explained more to this.

“This grants have different objectives like generating the collaboration between Civil Societies Organizations and the farmer’s representatives with the decision makers. We are very happy to provide this platform and we really appreciate this practice as it has positive impact on the ground and the quality of the harvests.” He said

Farmers are so excited for receiving these grants and they are ready to do better their works as they say. Kampinka Leontine from Burera District, works with the cooperative that produces fruits and vegetables, explained how their works is going to be improved. “We are going to buy manure and take it near the citizens, and are also buying seeds so that it will decrease the scarcity of those things and we will also give more training to the farmers, and also agricultural input is going to be easily affordable.” She says

Farmers’ Voice Project link farmers and it becomes easy to them to discuss about their issues and see what can be done. These grants are given to them to go and do more research with the aim of being able to solve their problems by themselves.

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