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Teaching Assistantship Project had increased girls’ level of confidence

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On Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 150 girl students of higher marks than others got from national examination in science subjects, have been appreciated after assisting 73 schools from 15 representative districts of Rwanda. The project was sponsored by IEE where these girls helped science teachers within six months and by this project 36 students had chosen to become teachers. The closing event took place in city of Kigali.

This project came in as a solution to the expansion of young women’s skills in education especially in STEM, government also had put strength where it gave 50% of bursary to those who will choose to deal with education in the university just to encourage them. the Country Director of IEE, Mr. MURENZI Emmanuel explained impacts of this project.

“Teaching Assistant ship Project came in as a solution to young skilled teachers. This project was designed by choosing those who won with high grade. We took those who were on the Master card Scholarship from FAWE, they were not alone, they also had mentors to help them, we thank government to compliment this project and we also ask it to keep supporting this fruitful project.” Murenzi said

Country Director of IEE Murenzi Emmanuel

During teaching assistantship project process; Inspiring , Educating and Empowering have been the key pillars that IEE used in supporting young women in teaching career and they were excited, this led to mindset change of some of them from doing any other type of careers and decided to deal with teaching career. Mutoni Winny is one of participants, she had assisted Groupe Scolaire Matimba, she said how she was inspired and decided to be a teacher for the rest of her life.

“At the first time, it was not easy for me, i was afraid to stand in front of students and most of us thought that being a teacher is something difficult, but IEE had inspired and taught us to win that mentality. On i finally decided to become a teacher, in high school i have been dealing with Biology, Chemistry and Geography (BCG), that is why i want to study education courses in University.” Mutoni said

Mutoni Winny was among the trainers

Not only were they inspired, they also had profited being self-confident by being taken as inspirers and ready to contribute in education sector of the government of Rwanda.

How ever acquired skills from the Project, they have also met some challenges. Niyonteze clementine had got 70/73 after assisting Groupe Scholaire Kabusunzu, she told us how she managed to overcome challenges she met during the project.

Niyonteze clementine was inspired from IEE

“I thought i couldn’t make it because of being afraid and not believing in myself, even though we were teacher assistants we learnt how to be approachable and to be friendly to those young students. For now i thank our motivators who were always by our sides kept us going forward.” She said

Parents were so happy of the training that their children had given; some said that not only did they have gotten knowledge they also have been given a transport fee which some of them used as a start-up of their small businesses.

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