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Kigali: Research reveals that Rwanda had great improvement in fighting against HIV

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Today on 22nd October 2019, in City of Kigali different leaders delegated by the prime minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente, had great meeting of celebrating great number which found from research that started since October 2018.

The great step that Rwanda had took is revealed especially in fulfilling the destination of United Nations (UNAIDS) which is known as 90-90-90, this means that 90% with HIV are diagnosed, then 90% are on treatments and 90% are on viral load suppression. Now Rwanda had reached on 84-98-90.

Jessica Justman is the leader of ICAP was grateful to the government according to its treatment and caring on its citizens and revealed knowledge and commitment on the new HIV infection.

“Ministry of Health in Rwanda showed great knowledge and strength in fighting against the new HIV infection and each and every citizen had the same chance to be treated.” He said
“this research is very important because it shows where to put strength in decision making and in politics of fighting against HIV.” He added

Results of this research had been showed by Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, he said that the research shows that 0.08% are affected by HIV every year.

“in Rwanda 3% of adults have HIV. This number remained like that. Now 17 years passes because of treating people with HVI. This number equals to 210,000 people with HIV between age of 15 to 64.” He explained

According to these findings, Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente, appreciated each and every one who participated on this research and shows that Rwanda became on top as a country that has ability to control HIV and asked everyone to keep on this kind of willingness of fighting against this epidemic disease.

“this survey is the result of the strength used by government institutions and its partners, data indicate that Rwanda is making good progress in controlling HIV, this makes it the first country to have this kind of achievement, and we are confident that if you continue doing like this we will achieve more.” He said

Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente

Eastern Province is where there is still great number of people with HIV, even though circumcision protects HIV to 60% in South Province there is a great number of male who denied to be circumcised. and also research shows that great number of male in Rwanda hide their HIV tests.

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