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Kigali: The 2nd Generation of Public Transport is the answer to over delayed transportation issues

Author Jerome MUNYENTWALI, UZABAKIRIHO Jean Gabriel Views

Today, on 17th October 2019, The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authorities announced the issuance of Request for proposals with requirements to be met by bidders interested to operate Public Transport Services in the City of Kigali under the 2nd Generation of Public Transport licenses. Time management will be highly focused on.

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authorities plans the 2nd Generation of Public Transport as the 1st one of 2013-2019 ends, whereby it views the achievements and challenges they met so that the next generation can meet its goals easily. As it is said by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authorities’ General Director.

“we better look where we came from so far, in the Generation 0 of Public Transport, City of Kigali had very big issue in transport whereby there was no arrangement of transporters and they had no schedule of their job, but the 1st generation of 2013-2019 solved such problems and many others.” He said

Lt. Col. Patrick Nyirishemwa, Director General of RURA

Asaba Katabarwa has explained more about the 2nd Generation of Public Transport which will start in 2020 to 2025, introducing a scheduled service is one of mentioned points that will be achieved as he said that it will help Rwandans to manage their time.

"this system is going to help people to know when they have to leave their houses to job and when the bus will reach them, this will help them to keep their time and it will reduce the waste of time.” He said

Introduction of cashless fare system and the enlargement of public transport network in the City of Kigali through introduction of new routes were some of the achievements of the 1st Generation of Public Transport.

But there is the challenge of high cost of recapitalization which was onerous on operators and a threat to financial stability of some operators.

In plan of the 3rd Generation of Public Transport there is need of Mass Transit that attracts drivers from private cars and use Public ones which will help to solve the problem of traffic jams and waste of time in Kigali city in particular.

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