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International Alert Project beneficiaries vow to stay strong as it is closing

Author Jerome MUNYENTWALI Views

The international alert project has been running for 3 years and 3 months in Rwanda. Its objectives were to strengthen farmers so that they participate in visionary agriculture sector in Rwanda. This project came to the end in the event held on 29th March 2019. Farmers are now happy with what they achieved so Far.

International alert project has been operating in Huye, Nyamagabe and Bugesera Districts. Talking to Gloriose BAZIGAGA, adviser of this project in great lakes region said that, the project enabled farmers in increasing their yields. With its Presence, many problems hindering agriculture have been addressed. "Crops fertilizers that used to delay, poor understanding on land use consolidation policy, the fact that they used to have very little information on industrial agriculture and all kind of of these hindrances have been solved during the process of this project" said Gloriose BAZIGAGA

Gloriose BAZIGAGA, International Alert adviser in great lakes region

She fatherly stressed that the key objectives of the projects have been achieved even though they have no percentage rates.

Madame Baziga Gloriose, acknowledged the key partners who helped to have this fruitful projects run well. "we thank all farmers from the three Districts in which we have been operating for the value and effort they invested in. we also thank 16 civil societies including Pro-Femme twese hamwe, European union and Swiss Cooperation"

The talked to a farmer , NDAGIJIMANA Thomas who is applying agriculture in Ntarama Sector of Bugesera district, he witnessed that with International Alert , his harvests have been lifted up "we gained a lot from International Alert project as a grower of beans and Maize. Before it came in, we used to rotate beans to beans, maize to maize, but with it, we have been thought that it is not good at all to rotated the same crops in the two consecutives agricultural seasons, with these skills my yield is now two times compared to the period before International alert Project in puts"

Thomas NDAGIJIMANA, International Alert beneficiary farmer from Bugesera district

MUJAWAMARIYA Sylvie, from Mbazi Sector of Huye District, in the interview with her , she said that with International alert project approaches, they started from scratch "I remember the first day they visited us, as we were a team of 60 people, they gave us one thousand as tickets fees per each person, but as their leader I advised my colleagues to put together that money as the sum was 60,000 thousand Rwandan francs, then we opened an account, since we started cultivating together. We used to work in disordered agriculture where all kind of crops were mixed in the same plot, but now we are selecting crops within each season and our harvest went up, I personally couldn’t have 50 kilos, yet now i am having 200 kilos per acre, and my understandings on agriculture totally changed"


Farmers in different districts said that with International alert, many fertilizer shops have been opened around. They also vowed to continue developing their agricultural productivities though the project is closing.

Beneficiaries vowed not retreat

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