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When some are attending schools other children are Joining Roads of Kigali City

Author Jerome MUNYENTWALI Views

In Kigali, when some of future generation children are stepping ahead to school, others are entering in roads looking for money and searching what to eat.

It Is on a day of going back to school for both Primary and Secondary schools in Rwanda, some students are rushing to fetch knowledge, however other children are busy with poor works violating their fundamental rights.

It is in the morning i am now reaching Nyabugogo part of city of Kigali, here I meet a ten years old boy holding s sac full of empty single use plastic bottles of water that he intends to go and sell to the black market. He chose to get these seeming rubbishes and sell them as his last choice of life style.

Life to Street children in Kigali city

In other quarter of Gatsata, I met another 14 years old boy leaning on electricity pillar, on his side there is also a sac containing few round potatoes, he tried to lie at me that he is studying in 4th of primary school, but his neighbor around tells the truth “He is no longer going to school, bad liar”

He added “I know this young boy at Gisozi area, he does not go to school, he is living in an adaptive family, i don’t know why he stays in roads”

Seconds after his fiend breaks out his secrets, with tears flowing in his eyes, this anonymous boy tells the truth too “ I come from Ngororero District of western province, I am now a house boy earning 5000 Frw a month”

I met Other children in Karuruma- Gatsata, the boys are busy gathering grasses for the cows of their bosses, one of them comes from Ngororero District In Western Province and other comes from Gicumbi in northern Province. One among them did not, even has never seen the school door.

The first one said “Yeah i am living my good life, I get 10 thousand Rwandan franks a month, my work is to gather these grasses and after a moth I get some little money to my parents as i am paid and their lives go on too”

“ there was a promise to take me to school, but later my father died and the plan was shut down, I have never go to school, not even took my feet in 1st year of primary school, I think my life will end in this style”
The second boy told us.

We also joined Nyacyonga area still in Kigali city, this place is covered by a big number of homeless street boys, they all admit that they came here to find job (Guhiga job meaning hunting job, it is a local jargon)

“ I came here to hunt, I actually carry passengers burdens like bags, sacs, and so one”

How old are you? “I am nine years old”, why didn’t you go to school? “ I don’t study” why ? “My parents didn’t want to take me to school” a second small boy told to the journalist.

Josue Michel Ntaganira, representing others in retreat closure

In concluding the retreat of the districts and Kigali city advisers , the trainees argued to end this threat of street boys , Josue Michel Ntaganira represented the rest “His Excellency, we are going to strive and make sure that school losers and those children walking around the cities’ streets, day and night went back to school and we want this to recorded as part of history”

President Kagame remarking the trainees on the street children issue

The head of state, President Paul Kagame’s message is clear to those who oversee this problem, parents included “we are about to punish those parents who keep exploiting children instead allowing them to go schooling, we will even punish those children’s parents who fail to fulfill their attributions to them; This looks at school teachers, Directors, Families where children come from and local government institutions, I call those instances to work together to uproot this problem. You need to make sure that each child in deserve, joined school. We no longer need street children lingering and begging; please Pay attention to this remark”

The street children problem on Rwandan society seems to be complex and to solve it, will take Rwandans in joint and kill the cause first.

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