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Around 3 hundred thousand Rwandans are HIV/AIDS positive and their life expectancy is increasing-Dr.Sabin of RBC

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The figures were published when RRP+ was celebrating its 15 years of existence today on Tuesday 18th December 2018. Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana in charge of HIV Disease Prevention and Control said that over 37 million people worldwide are HIV positive. Rwanda counts in between 250 to 300 hundred thousand people, but RRP+ is cheering as the new contamination cases decreased.

During the anniversary event Dr. Sabin NSANZIMANA of Rwanda Biomedical Center in charge of HIV Decease prevention and control said that people living with HIV/AIDS who seriously start retroviruses at early time, prevent them to be harmed by AIDS consequences.

Dr.Sabin NSAMZIMANA in charge of HIV Decease prevention and control

Figures from UN-AIDS show that around 4.5 Million living with HIV/AIDS worldwide are over 50 years aged, and over 50% of them live in sub-Sahara region of Africa.

However, with the discovery of new HIV/AIDS retrovirus drugs, life expectancy of HIV positive will continuously increase “Projections show that years after years life expectancy for people living with HIV/AIDS will positively improve . They will increase to 47% and will leave from 4.5 to 7 million in 2020. In sub-Sahara area we will move to 9 Million in 2040” Said Dr.Sabin NSANZIMANA

SEMAFARA Sarah from RRP+

However the Progress, SEMAFARA Sarah, from The Rwanda Network of People living with HIV (RRP+) is worried of Rwandans who are not aware of their life status “We still have a gap, because some people among HIV positive are not aware of their life status. They don’t know if they are HIV positive or not. The government of Rwanda provides with us free retrovirus as we know we are HIV Positive. We call all of those people with fear to first pass HIV voluntary test and then start new life with strategies accordingly”

The 3 hundred thousand Rwandans HIV positive makes 3% of whole population. Kigali itself got 6.3% whereas each of other 4 provinces has around 2% HIV positive. The Rwanda Network of People living with HIV (RRP+) has over 120 thousand members grouped in around 300 cooperatives countrywide and some formed Non-Governmental organizations.

Members of RRP+ during the meeting

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