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INEZA FOUNDATION shared ends of year Joyance with children it cares for, and called for a help to vulnerable families.

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This was a key message as on this 12th of December 2018, INEZA FOUNDATION in collaboration with a Gospel singer Aline GAHONGAYIRE were sharing the beginning of festive seasons Joy with children they help in schooling. During the event , the people with financial stability were reminded to be helpful towards poor ones as Rwandans priority values.

It was a very pleasant moment to over 100 children gathered in a joy sharing event with INEZA FOUNDATION Project alongside a Rwandan talented Gospel Singer and worshiper GAHONGAYIRE Aline.

In the process of the event children underwent wishes of the nice ends of the year 2018 and the beginning of the new 2019 festivals.

Gospel Singer,worshiper Aline Gahongayire

GAHONGAYIRE herself called the people with financial stability around the country to look around their sides and have mercy heart to those struggling for lives. “A key world’s secret is to be fond of a helping heart. Because what we build here down, will all be left one day and we will go empty hands as we came in. if you feel you are able of everything in life, you don’t have to think that all your surrounding people are fitting the environment like you. No, there are so many brother Rwandans who are being defeated by life struggles, you need to go on helping. For sure the heaven will recognize it. When you help a parent you are even helping his/her Child at the same time” Aline GAHONGAYIRE Said.

About 100 children shared joy in the event

One of the children from the vulnerable families in help by INEZA FOUNDATION witnessed that she is now feeling peaceful times with the helps accorded to her. She got some nice dreams for the future. “ Before the INEZA FOUNDATION intervention, I had no school stability as at any time I could be chased out of class due to lack of school fees. Now I am very stable in my studies and it resulted into being the most brilliant student in our class” she said.

Geoffrey BUCYANA a boss of CLEAN WELL Industry, manufacturing Gorillo’s snacks, is a shareholder of INEZA FONDATION project in the events and in its daily activities , he vowed to pay school fees for one child from vulnerable family.

He in the event left an encouraging message to his colleague investors. “This school boy we took, we admitted to help him from scratch up to the end of his school life. We mean from nursery to University or any other level he could achieve, it is Gorillo’s duty. For us Investors can die tomorrow, God will not consider how much money we spent in luxury life moments, houses we built, Prostitutes we slept with and rivalries. He only counts on what you have helped others with. There is no loss for instance as you save 3000 Rwf out of 5000, then 2000 Rwf goes to vulnerable people support. It is what God needs us to do. Those with strong arm to help, please do it in good time of your lives, it is my message to you guys” Geoffrey BUCYANA said.

Children shared a cake as the introduction to the upcoming end of year festive seasons

It is on the 4th time that this gesture of sharing festive seasons Joyance with children in help with INEZA FOUNDATION project with Gospel singer, Aline GAHONGAYIRE takes place, but on this occasion it went colorful thanks to CLEAN WELL Industry continuous support allowance to the project process of auxiliary to vulnerable children from society of Rwanda.

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